Campos de azafrán español

Spanish saffron

Carefully selected.

100% Spanish saffron top quality

100% Spanish saffron of the highest category in the market, carefully selected by Lagunes Gourmet for its extraordinary organoleptic properties that give it a unique aroma and flavor. Its quality and delicacy make it an experience for the palate and an essential natural spice in the kitchen with proven beneficial effects, resulting digestive, sedative and antispasmodic among others.
Azafrán 100% español
Azafrán 100% Español. Calidad Superior. Lagunes Gourmet

100% Spanish Saffron Superior Quality
Category I - ISO 3632

DESCRIPTION: Saffron of 100% Spanish origin. Full strands of deep red and characteristic aroma.

QUALITY: Superior, Category I – ISO 3632

PRESENTATION: Twist-Off type glass container for better handling and storage. This type of hermetic seal allows the saffron to keep its properties unchanged for longer.

FORMATS: 2 g and 5 g.

CONSERVATION: Store in a dry place protected from light.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: In order to obtain the maximum aroma it is necessary to roast it carefully without burning, so it is necessary to place it under a moderate heat for a limited amount of time.

To do this, wrap all the necessary threads for the preparation in an aluminum foil forming a kind of envelope and place this very briefly on the lid of a casserole that is on the fire or directly on a pan, although in this case the heat arrives sooner, so you have to leave it just a few moments (two seconds will be enough). It can also be wrapped in vegetable paper and put in the microwave for about 15 seconds.

Once roasted, the strands are grinded either by directly pressing the paper between the fingers, either by crushing the contents in a mortar, diluting the resulting powder with a little liquid (water or cooking broth depending on the recipe being prepared). Which is distributed evenly. Finally the liquid resulting from the mixture, which will have the flavor and the color of the saffron, is incorporated into the dish being cooked.


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100% Spanish Saffron

Superior Quality - ISO I


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